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4 Camera & 4CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
4 Camera & 4CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
4 Camera & 4CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
Item#: ZCS-0404
Retail Price: $369.00
Your Price: $369.00
Hard Drive Storage: 


Camera Overview:

Simple and dependable design

Just replace your existing floodlights with our innovative Floodlight Cameras (US patent pending.US patent pending.
Set up your home security camera system in minutes with wire-free installation.
Fully functional floodlights with our All-In-One HD camera design. Maintain the original on/off switch functionality.

Fully Functional Floodlight With Professional Security Camera

36 LEDs provide a 900 Lumen brightness and illuminate over 100ft equivalent to that of a standard floodlight
Floodlights on/off are still controlled by the original floodlight switch
WiFi Cameras coupled with the floodlights form all-in-one floodlight cameras, screw into standard floodlight fixture
Cameras receive power from the original floodlights circuitry and stream video via WiFi to the NVR, No wiring required

Connect To Local WiFi Network Video Recorder

Local storage: no monthly fees required for cloud storage
NVR has built in WiFi DHCP server, Pre-paired with cameras upon arrival (With Kits), no network configuration required
One NVR can support up to 4 1080P cameras system
NVR Supports remote viewing on iPhones and Android as well as mobile notifications
Cameras must be within 50ft range of the NVR to have a reliable connection

Night Vision

Professional Night Vision 36 IR LEDs help provide great clarity regardless of weather conditions or time of day/night
without flood lights turned on.

Our Standard Floodlight Camera is designed for homes and offices up to 2500sqft. If your house or office is larger than 2500sqft
we recommend our Pro Floodlight cameras instead. Our Pro Floodlight cameras are designed for homes and offices over 3000sqft.

Click here to view and add a Pro Floodlight camera to your order.
Click here to view and purchase a Pro Floodlight Complete camera kit to your order.

Want more details on this camera? Click here


NVR Overview:

Easy Installation

Users can easily replace their existing flood lights with Zeus CCTV Floodlight Cameras. Our simple design takes just minutes
to install and fully setup. Zeus CCTV Floodlight Cameras are pre-paired to the included NVR so that there is absolutely no
network configuration. All users have to do is turn the light switch on and then the Floodlight cameras are up and ready to go.

Security at your Fingertips

Users can enjoy the benefits of instant alerts. Sent to smartphones, tablets, or a PC whenever motion is detected, the free iOS
and Android app protects property by allowing users to monitor their property from anywhere. Features like Instant Motion-Activated
alerts and Live View Streaming video, are included and compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.


Plug-N-Play, Zero Wiring Required
Professional Grade Security Camera
No Network Configuration Required, Just Plug-In To Your Network
P2P Livestream, Local Recording, and No Monthly Fees, Local and Online Playback
Full Brightness Flood Light (900 Lumen)
Up To 4 Cameras

NVR Specifications:

4 channel 1080P wireless Network video recorder.
Built-in Auto-Pairing Technology for easy camera connectivity.
Supports live video viewing, recording playback, and USB backup.
Supports Android, iOS, and PC Remote view.
Get Instant alerts when motion is detected.
Supports up to a 4TB internal SATA HDD (Not Included).

NVR Functions:

Motion Detection Recording
Motion Detection Alerts
Phone Notifications
Digital Zoom
P2P Livestream
Local Recording
No Monthly Fees
Local and Online Playback


4 ZEUS CCTV Standard Floodlight Cameras
4 channels standalone NVR without Built-In Monitor

Installation Tip
Floodlight camera is weatherproof, Recommended to be installed in standard floodlight fixture under soffit or canopy
Floodlight camera can't be installed in a a motion sensor floodlight fixture. If do so, need turn off the motion sensor
Not recommended to mix-use with regular floodlight on same floodlight fixture, This make the regular floodlight remain on all the time
Cameras need be within 60ft range of the NVR to have a reliable connection inside housing structure
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