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Floodlight Power Unit
Floodlight Power Unit
Floodlight Power Unit
Item#: FloodlightLED
Retail Price: $49.00
Your Price: $35.00

Two methods to control All-In-One Floodlight
Light control method 1: Screw the light into Floodlight fixture socket & turn on indoor switch. Floodlight
will automatically turn on during the night by detection motion. This will be default operation mode.
Light control method 2: To overwrite the default mode and control light Manually, turn off the indoor
switch then turn back on within 2 seconds. Floodlight will stay on until turn off indoor switch
then turn back for 3secs or longer. The light will set back to default motion control mode.

This is the only light bulb that gives you a 12V 700mAh DC Power Source.

This can be extremely handy if you need to connect a security camera outside your
home and wish not to run any cables inside you house. You can power just about
anything you need (12V). You can power Security alarm accessories, decorative lights,
LED Strips, Landscape Lighting and more. Imagine the possibility!

Designed, developed, and assembled right here in America (Norcross, GA).
Know where your money goes. We are an American owned company with American employees
Get Technical Support based in the Unites States Nearly 24/7/365.
We will answer any questions and help you with issues you might have.

Floodlight Brightness: 900 Lumens
Floodlight Watts: 8.4W
Sensor Types: Daylight Sensor (LEDs only comes on when it's dark)
Sensor Types: PIR Sensor (LEDs only comes on when someone walks by)
Always On Mode: Both Sensors Bypassed
PIR Sensor Run-time: 45 seconds
PIR Sensor Radius: 120
PIR Sensor distance: 22.96ft (7m)
12V Power Port Output: 12V 700mAh DC
12V Power Port Mode: Always on (as long as socket power is on)